Who Did It: Joe Montana or Tom Brady?

Many consider Montana and Brady the two best quarterbacks in the Super Bowl era. So which is the greatest of all time?

Seeking his seventh Super Bowl appearance and 5th ring, there is no arguing that Tom Brady has earned a place in the G.O.A.T. conversation.  As the 199th overall pick in the 200 draft, Brady was by no means a highly touted recruit.  Just look at him:

On the other hand, Joe Montana won a National Championship with Notre Dame and was known for his comeback capabilities, most notably the 1979 Cotton Bowl aka "The Chicken Soup Game" when Montana led the Irish from behind while battling hypothermia.  

Regardless of college career or draft class, Brady and Montana have accomplished astounding feats while in the NFL and boast career numbers.  See if you can determine which Hall of Fame (bound) QB is responsible for these awesome moments.