Can You Name These Pokemon?

Pokemon Go is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon.  With over 65 million downloads just in America in only its first week, and having added over $11 billion to Nintendo’s valuation, Pokemon Go has successfully captured a new generation of Pokemon trainers while re-activating millions of Millennials who are still passionate about pocket monsters. 

Some of those Millennials are soldiers embedded with Kurdish Peshmerga forces who are challenging ISIS to Pokemon Go battles. Think it's odd that ISIS terrorists have Pokemon Go? That’s nothing consider there’s a Pokemon Go gym in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. Pokemon Go is popping up in people’s sex-lives as some people are sending nude pics through the game. One unfortunate lady even caught her boyfriend cheating because he was hunting Pokemon….in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment! 

People are entirely swept up in Pokemon Go, like the news anchor who walked through a live weather forecast while hunting Pokemon. But the lack of awareness isn’t always so funny. The Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. had to ask visitors to refrain from playing the game. But it gets worse: criminals are using the game to lure victims.

Of course, some people think Pokemon Go is a government surveillance program. In reality, the Pokemon Go is a cultural phenomenon that is bringing together people from all walks of life. 

Whether you're a Master Pokemon Trainer or just trying to get a handle on the Pokemon phenomenon, see if you can name these 12 Pokemon in our quiz!