The Ultimate American History Quiz

America is a relatively young nation but one whose achievements rank among the most consequential in human history. Americans love their history and for good reason! Whether we’re launching the world into the nuclear age or putting men on the moon, there is no shortage of accomplishments to celebrate. 

But the history of the United States is filled with some obscure facts too. Did you know July 4th isn’t the day our Founding Fathers declared our sovereign independence? The Continental Congress voted to separate from England on July 2nd -- but it would be decidedly un-American to let a silly date mess with tradition. If you think this American history quiz might be a little over your head just remember: the computers that put the first men on the moon had less processing power than a cellphone (but you can’t even text your mother back). 

So cut yourself a slice of apple pie, put your blue-blooded American patriotism on the line and see how well you know America’s history in this quiz!