How Well Do You Know Bourbon?

Bourbon is America’s only “native” spirit and for good reason. The spirit’s roots in America date back to the 1700s when Kentucky’s first settlers realized converting corn, and other grains to whiskey was the easiest way to get their crops to market. In 1964, Congress named bourbon America’s “native spirit” and decreed that, by law, bourbon must be made from a mash that is at least 51% corn and aged in new, charred oak barrels. While the majority of the world’s bourbon is still made in Kentucky, it can legally be made anywhere in the world.

So whether you take your bourbon straight, like a Kentucky purist, or use it as the base for a classic American cocktail - like a Mint Julep, Old Fashioned, or Brown Derby - raise a glass for National Bourbon Day!

Once you’re finished toasting, put your bourbon knowledge to work and see how much you know about America’s “native spirit.”