Who Said It: Hillary Clinton or Selina Meyer?

Forget House of Cards, it’s VEEP that truly gets D.C. 

There’s certainly no shortage of political thrillers on TV, but from House of Cards to Scandal it’s HBO’s comedy that paints the most accurate picture of life in the nation’s capital. Mostly, Selina Meyer and her bumbling crew of inept wannabe power players nail the absurdity of Capitol Hill. If you need more proof of that look no further than Ben Cafferty, Selina Meyer’s Chief-of-Staff: “You make it sound as if there’s a correlation between what should happen and what actually happens.”

Couldn’t you see former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dropping a line like that? Many of the Secretary’s missives sound a whole lot like they came from VEEP’s writers. So with Season Six’s April 16th premiere finally here, it’s time to play a little game of “Who Said It?”