Quizzes Are Data Goldmines - Time To Start Digging

Data is really important. 

It helps you make educated decisions. Hey, you probably dont NEED to know how many people visit your website and make a purchase.  As long as they’re making a purchase, you’re happy right? Wrong.  The beauty of our digital world is that you dont need to wonder if that $10,000 billboard ad-buy is worth it anymore.  Through the glories of technology, we know how many people visit, when they’re most likely to visit, how they get there, and if they end up doing what you want them to do (i.e. buy a pair of shoes, read an article, make a donation, listen to a song, sign up for membership, etc..). This stuff is incredibly powerful because it helps you bank more money.   Now imagine if you could learn even more about your visitors.  More money you say? 

  Yes indeeeeeeedio!

Yes indeeeeeeedio!

Think about it - who wouldn't love to learn more about their audience than the standard google analytics demographics?  Dont get me wrong, this information is super important and an essential building block to gaining audience insights.  But when pairing this info with data gathered via a quiz, you are able to learn so much more - and do so much more with that knowledge.  

With quizzes, you’re learning not just what people are interested in but how much they actually know about that topic. Now why would that help you? Let’s run through a couple scenarios shall we?


Quizzes are great for Marketing

As a marketer myself, i'm constantly asking the question, who is this piece of content for? Whether it's an article about how to leverage a specific marketing strategy, an ad designed to drive leads to our website, or a quiz intended to challenge people's knowledge of Gun Violence in America, there is always a target audience in mind.   

Quiz insights allow me to understand not only who’s playing the quiz, but also if they complete it, and most importantly how well they do.  I can then pair the general demographic data with performance data and refine my targeting for that specific quiz, and future content marketing efforts.  It also doesn't hurt that quizzes are an incredibly shareable format. (82% of Facebook users that notice a quiz shared by a friend will go on to take that quiz themselves.) Ultimately, this helps me make smarter audience development decisions and get more people through the door. 


Quizzes are great for Editorial

Quizzes are a fantastic way to actively engage readers with topical content.  On average, NewsUp quizzes increase time on site by over two and a half minutes.  A quick snippet of code and a NewsUp quiz can be easily embedded anywhere on your site, driving additional context to a given piece of content and additional information about the people engaging with that content.  These insights allow you to understand how knowledgeable your audience is about a topic.

Let’s use everyone’s favorite fantasy series Game of Thrones as an example. You're an entertainment publications and many of the visitors that frequent your site are into GOT.


They come and read weekly recaps, and enjoy learning about fan theories on occasion.  By embedding a quiz about the royal houses of Westeros in your latest recap, you come to find out that 80% of your visitors dont know much about these revered families.  Now that's interesting. Especially considering your editor was planning to push that crazy long op-ed about the history of the houses next week to this exact audience.  Might make more sense to give them that explainer piece on the history of the royal houses first ey?  Yeaaaaa you should go ahead and do that. 

The same data that powers smarter audience development decisions also powers smarter content development decisions. Gaining insight into not just the interest points of a topic but the knowledge level of your audience segments is extremely powerful, helping you ensure that you're developing the right content at the right time for the right audience segment. 


Quizzes are great for Advertising

One of the most exciting pieces of the quiz data puzzle is the opportunity to put these insights to work to make more money - this post is about gold after all.  This works in a variety of ways. For instance, publishers can leverage their audience engagement metrics to establish better deals with direct advertisers because that data is more refined. Accordingly, pages where quizzes live provide more targeted data and in turn become more valuable real estate for ad placement. 

Of course brands can create their own quizzes to capture more qualified leads and drive conversions. Toms, for example, could produce a quiz titled "What Pair of Toms Shoes Should You Buy Next?". Based on user performance they can suggest a specific pair of shoes and even provide a discount to encourage an immediate purchase.  

Toms is gaining a ton of valuable insight into what shoes are right for various audience segments as well as which segments are most likely to make an immediate purchase of the suggested shoe type.  This data can be put to use in retargeting this quiz to the highest converting segments.  Even more so, it can be used to inform Toms' overall marketing strategy.

A NewsUp quiz can also be utilized as a stand alone premium ad unit where a publisher can sell the opportunity to promote a specific offer (or multiple offers) at the end of the quiz based upon a users performance. This sponsored content play is a win-win situation folks. Publishers continue to learn about their audiences purchasing habits for future ad campaigns and advertisers are able to leverage the data gathered to further refine their own targeting assumptions. This is some truly powerful targeting that will have you and your partners swimming in the dough! 

So whether you’re a marketer on a mission to increase reach, a content creator looking to develop the right content for the right audience, or an advertiser trying to sell more product, data is essential in helping you make informed decisions.  And quizzes, they’re data goldmines - time to start digging!


Written by Coleman Anderson — Co-founder & CMO

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