5 Quizzes Political Junkies Love

As a stand alone piece of content, quizzes consolidate and present facts in a quick and interactive way. The quiz is also equally valuable as an additional piece of media within a longer article as it can drive deeper insight into a specific topic much like an explainer video or infographic. 

The political realm is one fraught with polarized opinion and the occasional half-truth.  Within this setting, a well positioned quiz is a valuable tool absent of bias.  The question/answer format at it’s core insists that the author present the core facts.  With that being said, quizzes do not hand-cuff editorial creativity and in many cases allow for a truly entertaining experience.  

These are a few politics quizzes, produced by the NewsUp editorial department, that continue to succeed in delighting politics junkies and political new-comers alike.  Check them out and give us a shout if your interested in putting them to work for you.

Who Did It: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

The Who Did It (WDI) format is highly effective when demonstrating how two seemingly different figures are actually quite similar.  In the case of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Who Did It: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? provides insight into the positions and background of each politician, some of which might challenge the quiz takers pre-conceived notions.

Fact or Fiction: Marijuana

The Fact or Fiction (ForF) format is ideal for audiences with a stronger working knowledge of a topic or key issue. In the same way that WDI succeeds in juxtaposing two figures, the ForF format asks players to think critically and debunk myths about the specific details of a key issue.  The outcome is an audience that has gained deeper context into the topic.  Fact or Fiction: Marijuana dives into the medical effects, political implications and economic impact of Marijuana in the U.S and is a great addition to content focussed on the growing recreational marijuana industry, discussing legalization policy, or providing insight into the medical applications of Cannabinoids.  

How Well Do You Know North Korea?

The How Well Do You Know (HWDYK) format is designed to assess and/or help establish a player’s understanding of a topic’s key facts, terms, and concepts.  The topic of North Korea is a perfect fit for this format in large part due to the lack of general knowledge about the Hermit Kingdom. The quiz allows people to learn more about a topic they don't know very much about and also provides audience members with a working knowledge of the topic to assess their understanding.


How Well Do You Know ISIS? 

Even more so than North Korea, ISIS is a topic that regularly appears in the news cycle.  How Well Do You Know ISIS? allows publishers to both refresh their informed readers knowledge of the terrorist group and provides high level context into the group for those audience members who are not as deeply informed.  An additional benefit of embedding a quiz like this is the insight gathered from the performance data.  When you better understand your audience, you have more insight into what type of content to provide them in the future.  #efficiency    

Fill in the Blank: Absurd Donald Trump Quotes

Fill in the Blank is a familiar format. While it requires the audience to think critically it is not overly intimidating.  Quizzes in general are not meant to stump the audience, but rather to provide deeper context. With a selection of answers to choose from, readers are able to make educated guesses when not fully confident, allowing them to gain deeper insight into the topic in a non-threatening way. This format also allows for an element of humor when providing incorrect answer options.  Fill in the Blank: Absurd Donald Trump Quotes is the perfect application of this format, triggering recall and critical thinking skills while providing an incredibly entertaining experience. It sure doesn’t hurt that The Donald is beyond quote-able.  

Much like a video, image gallery, infographic, or map, quizzes are a great way to provide additional context and drive deeper engagement around a particular topic.  With politics topics in particular, quizzes can cut through the conjecture and provide the core facts of the matter, all in a fun interactive experience.  And while breaking news headlines come and go, these core facts remain, allowing quizzes to add longterm value across multiple properties. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to embed these and other news quizzes on your digital properties right now.