5 Quizzes For Sports Fanatics

At this point, everyone knows that quizzes work as a form of digital media. They are fun, interactive, and extremely shareable.  When it comes to sports, quizzes are the perfect way to engage your audience.  Get a sports fan going, and they can talk forever about all-time record holders and seasonal stats.  Why do we remember Joltin’ Joe? What makes John Wooden the greatest collegiate basketball coach? Can you really argue for Roger Federer going down as the greatest tennis player of all time? Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all. And the list goes on.  At the end of the game, season, career, etc... it’s all about the stats, and quizzes are a natural fit for publishers looking to engage the sports fanatic around fun facts and mind-blowing numbers.

Here are five quizzes built at NewsUp HQ that have proven to challenge the casual ballgame goer and the hardcore sports junkies alike. Check them out and give us a shout if your interested in putting them to work for you!

Match the MLB Ballpark to Its Signature Feature

Matching is a familiar format and a great way to engage all types of sports fans.  With our quiz Match the MLB Ballpark to Its Signature Feature we challenged baseball fans to tap into their collective knowledge of classic MLB ballparks. From the Monstah’ to McCovey Cove, the ballpark itself can be as identifiable as a uniform or star player. With dozens of teams across the country sporting unique sub-cultures, this quiz is a fun way for all fans to connect with America’s pastime.

How Well Do You Know The Open Championship 

Golf fans LOVE the legacy and history of the sport. They also like a good challenge (obviously) and How Well Do You Know The Open Championship is designed to do just that, drawing from the rich background of the British Open. From the record for most Open victories and other stat driven questions, to historical facts about the tournament, this quiz tests the knowledge of the most avid golf fans. 

How Well Do You Know the Dallas Cowboys?

Whether you love them or hate them, you know quite a bit about America's Team if you’re a true NFL fan.  How Well Do You Know The Dallas Cowboys? challenges general NFL fans and Dallas super fans to recall some of the all-time greats within the franchise utilizing the multiple choice format paired with key stats and name recognition.  

Match the NCAA Basketball Team To It’s Mascot

There are a whole lot of NCAA teams.  They don’t call it March Madness for nothing.  This quiz proved to be very popular building up to and throughout the NCAA Tournament.  With so many different teams from across the country competing, it’s a great way to engage fans who opt-in during bracket season but aren’t covering themselves in body paint.  It’s also a nice challenge for more experienced tourney lovers and is the perfect compliment to those mid-march extended lunch-breaks. 

Can You Name These 10 NHL Goalie Greats?

Roy, Brodeur, Plante, Hasek, the list goes on.  Among sports positions, goalkeeper is one of the most revered. The goalie position requires sharp reflexes and mental fortitude.  At the end of the day, along with many other statistical equations, the record of wins and losses falls squarely on the shoulders of these gatekeepers.  Can You Name These 10 NHL Goalie Greats? challenges the most intense of fans to recall all-time leaders, trophy winners, and other shocking stats - it's not for the faint of “Hart”. 

Similar to an infographic or embedded video, quizzes are a great way to drive deeper context and engagement around a specific topic.  With sports content in particular, quizzes provide the perfect format to present trivia content, challenging the most knowledgeable stat hounds and allowing the less informed fans to engage with content in a fun interactive experience.