Welcome to NewsUp. You’re probably an intelligent, good looking and all around great person. If you’re not, you probably have some kind of talent that makes you cool. And if not…then we highly suggest you play this Pizza Quiz and go make some friends.

You’re here because you found a cool quiz or you heard there was a way to have fun while keeping up with the news. You stayed because you thought “this is a pretty sweet website” (thanks…we think so too!), or you found yourself learning about something new. Or maybe you just wanted to read our fancy “About” page and see what kind of hooligans would make such an outrageously delightful product. Either way, you’re here and we’re glad you are. While we have your attention, we’d like to share a few reasons why NewsUp exists with you.

As you’ve probably realized by now, NewsUp is a quiz game about current events. It was created out of the need to keep up with the world in a quick and fun way. While it would be great to spend all day reading the news, most of us barely have time to shower.

That was a joke…go take a shower.

With so much content on the web today, it’s hard to know what’s worth clicking. It’s also hard to know what’s factual and what’s some crazy person’s biased opinion. We’re all about sharing the facts and giving you the information needed to craft your own opinions on a topic…even if it’s Kim K’s butt size.

Instead of just aggregating a bunch of articles, we decided to make quizzes about the topics we believed were important….and people started to play them. People were all like, “this is fun and I’m learning stuff…I want more.” So we kept making quizzes and playing them with our friends. Before we knew it, we had an arsenal of quizzes about everything from Obamacare to True Detective. We started working on connecting these quizzes in a meaningful way to create what evolved into NewsUp.We believe that by linking concepts together to create a curriculum of current events, it will be easier and more fun to keep up with a story and learn about why it matters. We’re not suggesting you take quizzes about stuff you have absolutely no interest in; we’re challenging you to learn about stuff you thought you didn’t know. You’d be surprised how much randomness your brain absorbs.

That’s the long and short of it. We hope you enjoy playing NewsUp as much as we love making it.

- Team NewsUp

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